Dancer. Poet. Writer`

Simply an individual who dances, fuses words to make brutal sentences and leaves you with bone chilling stories.

Look, Explore And See What Goes On In My Mind.


Sometimes I am happy
Sometimes I am sad
Sometimes I wonder why I make excuses for people
Sometimes I wonder why do I protect them
Sometimes people are brought into your life, to teach you the most eye opening lessons
Sometimes I take things to heart
Sometimes I label myself a highly sensitive person
Sometimes I view my hypersensitivity negatively
But sometimes it is rather a blessing than a curse
Sometimes I hate myself for being trustworthy
Sometimes for being loving
Sometimes for caring
Sometimes for being kind
Sometimes for being generous
Sometimes life can dig you a pit hole
And sometimes you can sit in it
And sometimes you can cry
And sometimes you can pour your heart out
And sometimes you can write words and stories that capture the mind in darkness
But sometimes you can climb out of that hole that life dug for you
Sometimes you can hold on to anger and pride like black bitter poison
And sometimes you can suck it up
Sometimes the parasites in your mind can derail you off track
But sometimes you can find peace and serenity in places you never knew
Sometimes we shun the highly sensitive person
But sometimes we should acknowledge the creativity they can produce
As they can unleash the piercing thoughts buried in the lobes of their brain
Sometimes we stress and sometimes we anger
Sometimes we speak with such brutal words
But sometimes that is our pain, our lives, our passions and our desires
Sometimes we cry with broken tears
But sometimes it is our very dreams that provides us with the smiles we need

A competitive person pushes him or herself to succeed but never hates when you do well because he or she is too focused on personal success.

—Elite Daily

You can have a very intense relationship with fictional characters because they are in your own head.

—J.K. Rowling (via writingquotes)